ENJOY FIB 2022!!!


Let's be our best version at FIB23

1: Take your reusable bottle everywhere with you! 

It will save you an average of 180 plastic bottles in just one year.

2: Every butt counts! You can do better.  Switch to pocket ashtrays.

Butts are one of the biggest polluters. One butt can contaminate up to 50 liters of water. Dispose of them responsibly.

3:  Contain your waste!

Loose trash + wind = plastic in nature

4: Not using wipes is an option, throwing them in the bin is a must!

Do not feed the “Wipe Monster”, throw them in the bin.

5: Protect the sea from your sunscreen.

Some active compounds in sun creams can seriously damage the fauna and flora of the marine environment. Use sunscreen that respects the sea.

6:  Don’t leave your tent behind. Take it with you!

Each tent is equivalent to 8,750 straws or 250 plastic cups and, after the festivals, they end up in landfills or dumped in the countryside.

7: The darker side of glitter

Glitter is a major source of micro-plastics that have a very harmful impact on the environment. Stop using it.  You don’t need it to shine!

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