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Objectives& Philosophy


Sensitize and raise awareness about the importance of conservation of the marine environment.

Preserve the Mediterranean ecosystem, restoring the degraded habitats and the areas with great ecological value.

Reduce the environmental impact caused by invasive species and global change.

Regenerate the threatened Mediterranean biodiversity.

lines of

Educate in conservation, especially in those practices that guarantee a sustainable future.

Give social visibility and support for projects from other entities that work in the conservation of the marine environment.

Promote the involvement of society in the care and management of the coastal and marine ecosystem.

Pursuit of scientific knowledge of marine species and their ecosystems.

Promote a blue economy together with the conservation of the marine environment.

de acción

Educar en conservación, especialmente en aquellas prácticas que garanticen un futuro sostenible.

Dar visibilidad social y apoyo a proyectos de otras entidades que trabajen en la conservación del medio marino.

Promover la implicación del ciudadano en el cuidado y vigilancia de la naturaleza litoral y marina.

Avanzar en el conocimiento científico deespecies marinas y sus ecosistemas.

Impulsar una economía azul justa y comprometida con la conservación del medio marino.

Projects & Actions

Visual& Audio

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than imagining it

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Comming soon

Podcast Azul Marino

Podcast Azul Marino

Podcast Azul Marino

Education & Conservation

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Users of the sea

Learn from
what we know

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We want children to be
creative, resolutive and
critical thinkers


Who said
there was a maximun
age to learn?

News &Expeditions

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