Azul Marino

Marine conservation from another point
of view…

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Global awarenessequals healthy oceans

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It is easier to see it
than imagining it

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3,2,1… Acction!

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Podcast Azul Marino

Podcast Azul Marino

Podcast Azul Marino

Education & Conservation

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Users of the sea

Learn from
what we know

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We want children to be
creative, resolutive and
critical thinkers


Who said
there was a maximun
age to learn?

News &Expeditions

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El objetivo de la exploración de los bosques de Kelp en la zona norte es obtener...
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The Oceanogràfic Foundation released 20 loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) this afternoon on El Serradal beach in...
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Two of the three chelonians were accidentally captured in Benicarló and Burriana and the other in...
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After thousands of kilometers and several months on the coasts of Greece, the turtle released in...

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