Expedición Climática Antártica

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“February 2023 will be a moment in time of a gathering of great minds for commitments to resolve what it takes, to move from where we are now to get to a better future. This can be Your Legacy; you can help change the current course from a catastrophic outcome to a healthy, habitable planet. Please do this for the next generation, for the future of humanity.”

Dr. Sylvia Earle, oceanographer, marine biologist and explorer

Ocean Geographic and Mission Blue invite thought leaders in the fields of science, art, education, and economics, alongside inquisitive teenagers and corporate executives, to participate in an expedition to Antarctica with Dr Sylvia Earle. The Azul Marino Foundation was invited to participate in the amazing expedition to the white continent as part the scientific and filming team. The principal expedition team for this most important climate summit will be comprised of conservationists, celebrities, and ocean luminaries.

The master plan of the Antarctic Climate Expedition is to bring about public and government awareness of the importance and the splendour of the Antarctic, and to address the warming climate and loss of ice in the southern polar region as a direct threat to the future of human life on this planet. The purpose of this expedition is to confront the consequences and develop creative strategies for everyone to radically reduce carbon emissions.

As such, the expedition team of ACE represents the voices of everyone across our planet; we are looking for diversity in age, gender, nationalities, culture, skills, and professions. Expedition members will help formulate 23 resolutions to inspire transformative changes for global net-zero emissions by 2050. Each expedition member will contribute pictures, painting, music, prose, poem, essays to the expedition report, book, film, posters, and exhibitions. The narratives and images from this expedition aim to encourage the way people see and understand the Antarctic, enlightenment that will hopefully catalyse a much-needed paradigm shift away from indifference and into action to protect and preserve our natural environment.


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