Plastic Oceans UK

Project developed and executed by the Azul Marino Foundation
Phase 4:

Ocean Generation

The Azul Marino Foundation, in collaboration with Ocean Generation, represents Plastic Oceans Spain to launch educational and awareness-raising projects on the problem of plastics in the oceans through education programs, workshops, conferences and publications.

Plastic does not break down like organic material, but when exposed to sunlight it gradually breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics. Each of these pieces remains in the environment, loaded with chemicals, accumulating in food chains and posing a risk to human health.

With Plastic Oceans Spain we intend to make the population aware of the problems that currently exist regarding the excessive use of plastic, and how to combat it through a change in consumption habits.

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Plastic was hailed as a miracle product for the era of mass consumption

It was designed to last forever, not as a single-use material. And the problem is that we continue to use it uncontrollably

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